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Resources for Your Passover Seder - 2024

During the Seder, we ask the same question every year - how is this night different from all other nights? This year, we add another question: how is this year different from all years?

This year, we must challenge ourselves to see how the horrors of the attack against Israel on October 7th, the ensuing Gaza war, and the explosion of antisemitism worldwide and here, have affected us as individuals, families, communities, and as a people. How can we speak about freedom when there are still 130 Israeli hostages being held in Gaza? Where can we find hope this year as we say, "Next Year In Jerusalem"?

I've put together some links and resources for your Seder table. Please use them in good health!

Click on the pic below for a powerful program for your seder to honor the hostages being held in Gaza.

General Passover Resources:

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