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Mizmor L'David - Songs Of The Heart from Rabbi David Baum

Welcome to my blog! I started a blog in 2009 where I posted sermons and other pieces called "Mizmor L'David - Songs of the Heart from David." It is based on the beginning of many of the Psalms which began with the words, מִזְמוֹר לְדָוִד which is roughly translated as 'a Psalm of David'.


What is a Psalm? The book of Psalms is the first book of the section of the Hebrew Bible called 'Writings' composed in Judea from 1000 BCE - 0 CE. The book is attributed to King David. It is considered poetry by many, but it is something much deeper. Psalms are considered by some scholars as the first organized prayers that we offered. The Psalms gave voice to the timeless feelings that we as humans grapple with: dealing with personal and communal tragedy, expressions of hope, fear, joy, gratitude, and more. I view my writings in a similar way; they are more than sermons and posts, they are how I sing a song to the world. I hope you find them meaningful. 

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